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Business Convergence


At Razorfish, we use convergence to describe the coming together of three irresistible forces–media, technology, and creativity–to create experiences that enrich the consumer's relationship with the brand. Convergence is a constant process, not an end point.

Convergence Is The Future Of Marketing

Television, telephones, computers, and games have come a long way since the early days of the 21st century. As technology advanced, each type of media has evolved to become more portable and interactive. And we as consumers have loved every minute of it.

Interestingly, these different types of media and platforms have also quickly merged together. For instance, mobile phones are not just communication handsets – they’re also computers, HD televisions, and gaming devices, all rolled into one. It’s a logical progression, feeding our insatiable appetite for technology and for progress.

And as technology has advanced, so have the worlds of advertising, marketing, branding, PR, public affairs, content, publishing and business strategy. It's all melting together. The lines have blurred. Brands and marketers are now looking for ideas that are deeply connected to culture, which can align with societal changes and help shape them. As a result, companies are now starting to converge to offer a new model and to enjoy the same benefits. It’s a natural result of the media convergence we’ve seen happening for decades.

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